Mainly specialized in research and development of new systems, we look forward to meeting you from the 10th to the 14th of March 2021 at the 48th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva where our new ambidextrous precision rifle system will be revealed : the LR90.

La LR90 est la première carabine 100% ambidextre et son système sera dévoilé à l'occasion du 48ème Salon International des Inventions à Genève du 16 au 20 septembre 2020

In less than two years, a full rifle was developed, a patent application was filed in (Patent Pending), the product was realized and a privileged fews who already had the chance to discover our new system expressed themselves as follows :

Wow, now that’s something new ! Usually when something new comes out in the weapon industry, it’s actually a variant of an existing system. In that case, EVERYTHING is new! (SV - Gunsmith)

It’s so simple, nobody would have thought of doing it this way, one had yet to come up with that, well done! (LC - Gunsmith)

The idea is perfect and revolutionary, the disassembling is accessible to anyone, never have I seen a firing pin being stripped down so easily. This is a totally unusual concept and it’s extreme simplicity left me literally in awe. (DW - Long distance shooter)

One can see that each piece was carefully thought about, the guideline is being followed in its smallest details. This is a ‘typically Swissmade’ product like you rarely see them nowadays. (DC - Precision mechanic)

This is a set of simplifications, revolutionary in every aspects, whether it’s about its design or its conception. It’s hard to make it simpler. (MK - Family member)

Not knowing much about weapons, I was surprised one could accomplish so much on a design level on a weapon to make it beautiful. The aestethic approach is remarkable. (DC - Family friend)

We would like to particularly thank LB, GG, SW, AD, Félix († September 11th 2020), CDM, MB, MCP, JM, DC, DM & AR, who actively contributed to the realization of the first two prototypes of the LR90 and who will recognize themselves in those lines. For confidentiality and security reasons, the enterprises who took part in this project are bound by discretion and are not mentioned here, but are kindly thanked for their contribution in the realization on the LR90.

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